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Chairman assistant

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  Salary:4,000-6,000 yuan per month
  Working place:xi'an-yan liang district
  Release date:2017-05-23
  Job type:full-time
  Work experience:1-3 years
  Minimum education:bachelor's degree
  Recruitment:1 person
  Position category:President assistant/general manager assistant
  Job responsibilities:
  1.Be responsible for the chairman's schedule,make appointments and receive visitors for the chairman;
  2.Reply,tracking and information feedback of various documents submitted for approval;
  3.Sorted out related documents of major projects,wrote and filed various documents and chairman's documents;
  4.Implement and follow up all resolutions and work in various meetings of the group,and timely report the actual situation to the chairman;
  5.Assisted the chairman in coordinating and handling various work;
  6.Assisted the chairman of the board in conducting foreign business activities and business negotiations.
  Job requirements:
  1.Male,under 30 years old,with good personal cultivation,strong sense of responsibility and rigorous work style,affinity,business etiquette and good temperament;
  2.Bachelor degree or above,at least 2 years of working experience in senior management or assistant to the President of the company;
  3.Strong ability of judgment and understanding,communication and coordination,organization,analysis and plan execution;
  4.Secretarial,Chinese language and literature,business administration,international trade and other majors are preferred.


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