Shaanxi circle founder he feng yue goat milk group

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Shaanxi circle founder he feng yue goat milk group

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  Today best jump goat milk group welcomed a recent legend-he feng,this guy"WeChat"entrepreneurial 40 days after 80 fans from 0 to 100000,the vice President of our company Meng Jiangpeng and conducted an in-depth study of communication,hope through its WeChat entrepreneurial experience to learn some relevant knowledge,to complement our enterprise own insufficiency,lay the foundation for development in the information age.
Shaanxi circle founder he feng yue goat milk group
  During our two sides discussed deeply about WeChat platform,life of college students,and the prospect of development of our enterprise development ideas and talent strategy,the proposed by micro platform to integrate the school resources,social resource,enterprise resources,social contact as soon as possible,better for college students to adapt to the society to provide a platform,at the same time also let enterprises now pay more attention to the students,for the enterprise and personal development opportunities.
  Jump goat milk group chairman,Mr Meng hundred yue pointed out that we the interests of the enterprise to win at the same time also to better serve the society,create more opportunities for young people today,strive for more and more excellent talents for our enterprises.


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