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Baby why eat grains?

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  Experts said,in the coarse grains are rich in crude fiber is beneficial for people of any age,but for digestion,strengthen the function of intestines and stomach.In the daily diet to eat only fine don't eat baby,one is no chance to absorb the whole grains provide rich nutrients,2 it is due to the lack of plant fiber,easy to constipation.Eat whole grains can also prevent childhood obesity,diabetes,osteoporosis,eat grains when required chewing movement,not only can promote the chewing muscles and gums development,also can reduce food waste residues,prevent dental caries.
  Baby to eat whole grains is best to wait until after one year of age
  How can eat coarse grains baby?Baby commonly 4 to 6 months can add side dish,but also suitable for baby to eat coarse grains at this stage.Because the baby milk at first contact accident of food,the digestive system is not adapt to the high fibre food,eating whole grains easy cause indigestion.Suggested that baby after the first year and then began to eat coarse grains,in addition,gastrointestinal function is poor,often diarrhea babies,suggested that don't eat whole grains.
  The baby to eat coarse grains attention to four points
  Baby appropriate roughage many benefits,but,after all,is not easy to digest,coarse grains and baby child system development is not perfect enough,so eat grains for baby using must pay attention to the following four points.
  1.Add the coarse grains in moderation
  Eat more roughage good,but does not equal to unchecked for baby out of the coarse grains,for your baby to eat coarse grains must pay attention to moderate.The baby is still growing,daily intake is recommended for age plus five to 10 grams.To the overweight young,baby constipation often,can be appropriately increase dietary fiber intake.After some babies eat whole grains,there may be a transient phenomenon such as abdominal distension and excessive exhaust.This is a normal physiological reaction,after gradually,gastrointestinal will return to normal.Like a baby with gastrointestinal tract disease,want to eat digestible low dietary fiber food,in order to prevent the occurrence indigestion,diarrhea and abdominal pain and other symptoms.
  2.To have a very coarse grains
  Should be paid attention to in the baby to eat whole grains,crushed the coarse food grain to make flour,mud,boil into porridge or mixed with other food processed into newer delicious food,and make it delicious coarse grains,increase appetite,to improve human nutrition absorption of coarse grains meet the needs of baby's physical development.
  3.Eat mixed with coarse grains
  Coarse grains in the plant protein because it contains lysine,methionine and tryptophan,threonine below the animal protein,so the protein utilization and price also low.Make up for the defects of way is to advocate mixed food to eat,to complement each other.Such as sweet porridge,laba rice porridge,corn and sweet potato yam congee porridge,millet,soybeans and corn or sorghum surface of corn,wheat flour and corn or GongShuMian steamed buns,steamed steamed rolls by soya bean,black beans,green beans,peanuts,peas,ground into a soya-bean milk,etc.,are all good mixed food price can not only improve the physiology,and for gastrointestinal digestion and absorption utilization.
  4.The baby should be balanced and varied diet
  Cultured is the comprehensive balanced diet diversification,any nutrients play is the comprehensive function with a variety of nutrients.In terms of diet,should limit the intake of fat,sugar,salt,appropriately increase the proportion of coarse grains,vegetables and fruit,and ensure the high quality protein,carbohydrates,vitamins and minerals,to guarantee the balanced nutrition is reasonable,the baby is beneficial to their healthy growth and development.


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