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Legal declaration
  This website is created by Baiyue Group Company.Anyone who enters,browses and uses this website should first read this legal statement.If you do not agree with this legal statement,please do not continue to enter this website.If you continue to access,browse and use this website,it means that you have read,understood and agreed to be bound by this declaration and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  Baiyue Group reserves the right to revise,update and update this statement at any time.
Copyright declaration
  The copyright of any content provided by this website(including but not limited to data,text,charts,images,sounds or videos,etc.)shall belong to Baiyue Group or the relevant rights holders.You are not allowed to copy,reproduce,disseminate,publish,transfer,adapt,compile or display the contents of this website without prior written permission of Baiyue Group or the relevant obligee.
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  All Baiyue logos and written trademarks used on Baiyue Group's website( registered trademarks or trademarks of Baiyue Group.No unit or individual may use the above trademarks in any way without the written authorization of Baiyue Group. domain name is Baiyue group company.No unit or individual is allowed to use it without written authorization from Baiyue group.
Privacy protection statement
  China Baiyue Group Co.will not publish or disseminate any information registered on this website except the following:
  1.get the explicit authorization of the user beforehand;
  2.,according to the court or arbitration agency's judgment or ruling,and other judicial procedures. accordance with the requirements of relevant government departments.
  4.the user violates the provisions of the terms of use or other acts that damage the interests of Baiyue group.
  5.other relevant laws and regulations.
Links to this website
  If you wish to link to this website,please contact us.Only after obtaining written permission from Baiyue Group can you link to this website.
  After establishing the link,if Baiyue Group considers that the link is no longer suitable according to the objective situation,it has the right to cancel the license of the link.
  When linking to this website,be sure to use text links(such as without the written permission of Baiyue Group,prohibit the use of Baiyue patterns and text links);Click on this website links to be set to a separate window display form,can not be displayed in the linker's website within the framework of the site.
  Any dispute or dispute concerning the statement of this website and website is applicable to the laws of the People's Republic of China.Any dispute over the statement of this website and website should be governed by the people's court with jurisdiction.
  The power of interpretation and the right to interpret the use of this website are attributed to Baiyue group.
Legal declaration


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