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Bai Yue Dairy Group
  Xi'an best jump goat milk group co.,LTD.Has advanced testing equipment and strict detection means,all testing equipment in accordance with the latest infant formula powder review the requirements of the detailed rules for the conditions for configuration,inspection personnel all hold relevant certificates.Companies set up laboratory and microbial room two parts inspection agencies,according to the product the factory inspection standard swarms,ensure that the product factory qualified rate 100%.Every year regularly with provincial,municipal quality inspection made by the contrast test,to ensure the accuracy of the test.At the same time,actively cooperate with the superior department sampling,including random inspection,risk monitoring.Through introspection,sampling,inspection,and other forms of testing to ensure safety of qualified products.
  In order to ensure product quality and safety,our company on the basis of the dairy products production enterprise HACCP system requirements,the powdered infant formula food good manufacturing practices,the enterprise production of infant formula powder censorship rules for conditions such as standards and the requirements of the relevant national regulations,HACCP,GMP,SSOP and my company regulations,established from raw and auxiliary materials into the factory inspection,production process control to the whole process of products'sales quality monitoring system,implements the cengcengbaguan,strictly to ensure the product quality.
  Acquisition trust and high quality milk milk is the first step of the whole production,to provide consumers with high quality products,our company strictly the raw milk production,the company self-built milk station,the existing 13 standardized milk station,all mechanized milking,the scene will be fresh goat's milk to cold storage,in a timely manner to prevent the loss of the goat's milk nutrients.
  Production according to the requirements of HACCP system in the process of setting the key control points,guided by the GMP,SSOP,strictly in accordance with regulations of the operational procedures and process flow.By the site quality control personnel in strict accordance with national standards and operational procedures,supervise and guide the production from technological parameters,the health situation,foreign body control tracking,monitoring and checking the product production process quality control points of implementation and record,acceptance of milk,ingredients,sterilization,packing four key control points are the key monitoring,if any abnormal timely corrective measures.Sampling process of semi-finished products,including sensory,degrees of impurities,concentration,acidity,temperature,microorganisms,etc.,to ensure that the process parameters meet production requirement.Regularly do microbiological detection test on production space at the same time,ensure good production environment.Do a good job of each production records,insist on the operation according to process,the decision according to the standard,work records,records are systematic,standardized management,establish and improve the traceability system.
  Product before delivery,our company will carry on the strict examination,testing equipment,all in accordance with the latest"enterprise production of infant formula milk licensing conditions review detailed rules"the requirements of the configured and pass by provincial,municipal metrology verification.Company including sensory testing project,blunt tonality,net content,protein,fat,moisture,ash content,degree of impurities,chloride,nitrate,nitrite,trace elements and nutrients,heavy metals,aflatoxin M1,melamine,the total number of colonies,coliform bacteria and pathogenic bacteria,e.e.coli and other dozens of projects of the whole detection,ensure that the product factory qualified rate 100%.


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