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Xi’an Baiyue boshi Dairy Co., Ltd.,



Xi’an Baiyue boshi Dairy Co., Ltd., belonging to Xi’an Baiyue Dairy Group, now develops new product “Yubao boshi” goat milk based on consumers’ demand. It has two major series products: “optimal intelligence” and “optimal care”. Its aim is to allow more consumers drink healthy and reassuring goat milk which is suitable for everyone. Founded in 1985, Xi 'an Baiyue Goat Milk Group is an enterprise which is engaged in producing goat milk products for many years. Located in the center of Shaanxi goat base which is the suitable for raising goats, its factory is in Qinchuan natural pasture. Yanliang Wutun town, the specific location of its factory, is one of best pastures in Guanzhong. Around the pasture, there are pollution-free natural plain grasslands for hundreds of kilometers, which makes the excellent quality of Guanzhong goat milk. The milk source has always been a big advantage of Baiyue Diary Group. In order to ensure the quality of raw milk, and prevent the adulteration, Baiyue Goat Milk Group took the lead in the industry to develop its own raw milk bases, and successively built nearly 60 modern stations for low-temperature sterilized milk in milk bases. It uses the advanced management technology and implements the entire computer monitoring for each milk collection station to ensure that the quality of goat milk is fresh and pure. Since the company was established for more than 30 years, it has not only had the unique advantage of ecological pastures and stable and fresh goat milk resources, but also introduced the advanced processing line of dairy products and a large number of professional technical personnel. It has strict inspection standards and unique food processing technology. From pasture to milk source, from technology to process, staffs in Baiyue practice the corporate social responsibility with the advantage of leading the industry and strong sense of mission to ensure the pure quality, safe, high quality products for consumers.


2、Products Information>>Optimal intelligence series

Yubao boshi goat milk powders all come from its exclusive pasture. The optimal intelligence formula is carefully developed by the company research and development center, and its balanced nutrition formula fits the growing demand of babies in China, which can improve babies’ intelligence, eyesight, and physique.

Affinity FORMULA (similar to breast milk) reveals the secret of perfect absorption of breast milk
Structured grease OPO is actually a kind of structured grease. Through enzymatic fat switching technology, it can simulate the molecular structure of breast milk lipid and help baby have a better digestion and absorption.

Technology restores natural and original Yubao affinity formula
Physique and bone: structured grease OPO restores the molecular structure of human body
Rare structured OPO, is more similar to human body at the molecular level than POP structure in regular milk powder, can help the absorption of energy and calcium and better support the natural growth of babies’ physique and bone.

The molecular structure of OPO in Yubao boshi optimal intelligence formula milk powder is similar to human body lipid structure, which is easier to be absorbed by the body and conducive to the full absorption of calcium and energy

The molecular structure of OPO in ordinary milk powder, is different from human body lipid structure, which is not easy to be absorbed by the body and likely to cause the loss of calcium and energy


Products Information>>Optimal care series

Yubao boshi goat milk powder series, infant formula goat milk powder is selected from the exclusive and high-quality dairy milk and has complete nutrition and reassuring quality from the source; the product formula is carefully developed by Guanzhong goat milk research and development center, and proved by the goat milk authoritative experts. The goat milk, close to breast milk, is rich in EGF, SOD and easy to digest and absorb. Based on these natural attributes and equipped with golden optimal formula, it helps babies’ mental development, promotes the absorption of calcium, makes babies’ bones stronger, body healthier, stool looser, and reduces the probability of excess heat and diarrhea.
Probiotics, especially Bb-12, is added in Yubao boshi goat milk power with optimal care formula

Bb - 12 probiotics formula   The imported bifidobacterium (Bb-12) is added in Yubao boshi optimal care formula goat milk powder to enhance infants’ own immune system, promote the growth and reproduction of intestinal bifidobacterium and other probiotics, improve the intestinal micro environment, and help maintain normal bowel function. Through the balanced nutrition, the occurrence of children’s nutrition shortage or surplus can be avoided.

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