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Introduction of Yubaoca


Yubaoca, the sub-brand of Xi 'an Yubao Goat Milk, Baiyue Dairy Group, has the entire industry chain of “farms to factories, research to validation, brand to sales”. Yubaoca adheres to the strategy of “goat milk industry chain integration and innovation in China" strategy, integrates the world's most excellent sheep milk resources, and has unique advantages of raw milk. It puts its all efforts to producing nutritious dairy products, and is the top brand operator of Yubao Baiyue goat milk and obtained the certificate of providing national teams with goat milk in 2014.


Affinity description: high-quality sheep milk in natural pastures, rich sheep milk immunoglobulin and active epithelial cell growth factor EGF, and taurine, lutein, rare structured grease OPO can give babies a healthy and happy growth. 

OPO: prevent constipation, not easy to form calcium soap when digest, smooth stool, optimize calcium, fatty acid absorption, boost bone development 

DHA + AA: promote babies’ mental and visual development 

Taurine: promote brain development, enhance immunity

Lutein: filter blue ray, effectively protect babies’ eyes

PP description: choose high-quality sheep milk in natural pastures, be rich sheep milk immunoglobulin and active epithelial cell growth factor EGF, be close to breast milk, do not cause excess heat, is not easily allergic. Casein phosphopeptides, bifidobacterium, Bb - 12, composite prebiotics are added to effectively reduce the diarrhoea and constipation caused by indigestion
Composite prebiotics: fructo-oligose + galactooligosaccharide. Promote the increment of bifidobacterium, restrain harmful bacteria, regulate babies’ intestinal health, relieve constipation, and improve babies’ resistance.