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Since Lehui came into the market in July 2011, it has shown the high quality of Baiyue Group Yubao goat milk and its products have been throughout the country and loved by consumers. Lehui goat milk powder takes “mother’s choice” as its aim, insists on the principle of “fresh, mature, safe”, takes baby's natural resistance as its basic business ethics, takes high standard and high demand as its requirement, and sticks to maintain the high quality image.


With a brand new image, Lehui puts together a more powerful sales team, and sets up a new sales service platform. Lehui can provide you with largest development space. Choose Lehui is to choose health and wealth. 

"The best goat milk in the world is in China, the best goat milk in China is in Guanzhong”. Because of the regional limitations and development conditions in China, the mature goat milk industry is concentrated in Guanzhong. The research and development, technical standards, and government supervision in Guanzhong area have also developed. Thus, choose Lehui goat milk powder is to choose the pure goat milk powder, and naturally babies will benefit from it.


LeHui goat milk powder currently has gold diamond OPO series and gold care series. Lehui goat milk powder targets the leading edge of market and fulfills consumers’ demand. The company's products and services pursue excellence, and its sales outlets are all over the country. Choose Lehui is to choose a better future. Staffs in Lehui are willing to cooperate with you to create brilliance.