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The birth of excellence

The beginning of excellence – Yubao • Zhenyang first created high-end formula goat milk powder

At the end of 2005, as the investor and sponsor, Baiyue Diary registered the first domestic goat dairy product marketing company, Xi 'an Yubao Goat Dairy Product Marketing Co., Ltd. With the development of the company and the cutting-edge marketing idea, Yubao • Zhenyang first created high-end formula goat milk powder and established “Zhenyang” business division on August 28, 2008.Zhenyang has won the trust of numerous mothers with its international quality and considerate caring service. Xi’an Yuzhen Food Co. Ltd. was established on May 28, 2013. Now, Zhenyang has already become “one of leading brands in Chinese professional goat milk powder”.

Outstanding innovation
The affinity formula milk is similar to breast milk, which can help the baby make outstanding achievements in the future

5 ability series
Various nutrition  Help you grow
Zhenyang combined infant nutriology with advanced science and technology to create a new 5 ability balanced formula. It naturally fits babies’ needs during their growth, promote the absorption and utilization of key nutrients, and enhance five abilities of babies (intelligence, eyesight, resistance, absorption, growth ability). 

Zhenpin series
Golden ratio   Combination of double oils
Zhenpin series specially simulates the structure of breast milk and has a scientific ratio to develop the affinity formula milk which helps intelligence enhancement and absorption. Golden ratio (Combination of double oils) provides babies with complete and high-quality nutrition for their intelligence and growth, and help babies make outstanding achievements in the future.

Outstanding Quality

Natural feed
We adhere to the enterprise idea “feed goat well, produce good milk”. Our base is located in natural pastures in Guanzhong Plain. Plant herbage, and prohibit the addition of chemical fertilizer, hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides during the feeding and production.

Has its own factory
With more than 30 years’ production experience and technology of dairy product research and development, it is one of China's earliest enterprises engaged in the research and production of infant formula goat milk powder. It adheres to pharmaceutical standards in plant design and creates a safety production record for more than 30 years.


Zhenyang love journey --- make caring actions, care for Baby
With the mission of “providing Chinese infants and young children with scientific nutrition, bringing the best beginning of the life to them”, in 2014 Zhenyang formally carried out the charity activities of “making caring actions, caring for Baby” to help the infants and young children in the poor areas grow healthily. Now, in behalf of those who buy Zhenyang goat milk powder, Zhenyang will donate 0.5 yuan per tin as caring fund to families which is poor or has multiple births, and let us use love to hold up the children's hope and tomorrow.