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Yucong goat milk is a sub-brand of Yubao Goat Dairy Product Marketing Company and is produced by Xi 'an Baiyue Dairy Co., Ltd. The goat milk source comes from high-quality and fresh goat milk in Guanzhong, the cold chain logistics is used in the entire transportation, and the goat milk source is pure, high-quality and safe. Since products came into the market in 2011, the sales outlets have been in nearly more than 30 provinces throughout the country, and the number of terminal sales outlets has reached near 5000. Currently it has three major series of products: gold series (PP), gold diamond series (combination of intelligence promotion), blue diamond series (double intelligent + double care). It has more than 100 marketing elites, and its sales volume increased by 180% every year. Its products have always been trusted by consumers. We continue to be committed to producing good milk and safe milk. The smarter the baby is, the happier the mom is! The healthier the baby is, the more relieved the mom is!


Three series of Yucong:

Yucong PP upgraded formula:
Double probiotics (bifidobacterium Bb – 12) is specially added in double benefits PP upgraded formula and new upgraded gold formula to provide babies’ intestine with double protection. Probiotics + prebiotics can improve and maintain the babies’ intestinal environment, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and restrain the number of harmful bacteria, improve the intestinal immune system, and promote the absorption of nutrients.


Yucong A + combination of intelligence promotion:
DHA/AA + lactoferrin + casein phosphopeptides can promote the information transfer of the nervous system, enhance eyesight, improve calcium metabolism, and effectively promote the growth of the brain to make the baby clever. Lactoferrin can increase the baby's immune system and hematopoietic function to build the first line of defense for the baby’s healthy growth.


Yucong super blue diamond double: (structured grease OPO) is specially added: 1,3-Dioleoyl 2-palmitoyl triglyceride, OPO is one of precious ingredients currently, and through enzymatic fat switching technology it can simulate the molecular structure of breast milk lipid and make the ration of 2-palmitic acid above 40%. It can make milk more similar to breast milk, reduce constipation and defecate difficulty, reduce the loss of nutrients, promote bone development, and promote the baby to fully absorb nutrition.