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Xi’an Chunerxin dairy co., LTD


is built followed by the change of Xi 'an Niucuixi dairy co., LTD, the predecessor of which is Niucuixi business division of Xi 'an Yubaoyang dairy marketing co., LTD. Yubao niucuixi business division was set up in 2008, the first brand business division that Yubao goat dairy products marketing company builds.

Xi’an Chunerxin dairy co., LTD inherits the management idea s such as integrity, practicability and win-win, taking “strive to create high standard products and services” as purpose, “create value evaluate value, share value” as management policy. The company possesses good service consciousness and complete marketing management system, consists of marketing department, finance department, administration department, logistics department and customer service department. Professional team consisted of more than 50 person aims at supplying service for market and consumers.   

Xi’an Chunerxin dairy co., LTD has Chunerxin brand pro products, nutrilon, and gold series, more than 20 items, and the products cover infants, students, pregnant women and middle aged and elderly people. Product line is comprehensive. Sales network is located in Hunan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Hubei, Anhui, Henan, Sichuan, Shandong, Fujian, Chongqing and other provinces and cities, with the sales quality of product increasing year by year, product influence improving step by step.





Integrity practicability and win-win

Management aim

Strive to provide standard products and services

Management policy

Create value assess value and share value


Customer orientation heart services


Based on integrity cooperation for win-win, pursuit of excellence








(一)、Niucuixi pro products series

Structured grease OPO, bifidobacterium Bb - 12 are specially added to provide babies with a comprehensive and solid protection during their growth!

Absorption enhancement:
Composite prebiotics (Fructooligosaccharide + galactooligosaccharide) + casein phosphopeptides CPP +α - whey protein, lactoferrin can promote the nature absorption and full digestion of babies.

Three-dimensional intelligence promotion:
DHA, AA (golden ratio formula 1:2) + choline + linoleic acid, linolenic acid + choline + taurine can promote brain cell synthesis and improve brain development speed.

Combined immunization:
Structured grease opo + active probiotics + composite prebiotics (FOS + GOS) can perfect and improve babies’ immune function.

Boost growth:
Vitamins + casein phosphopeptides cpp + calcium + iron + zinc can make babies grow faster and stronger.

Clear heat, alleviate constipation:
Structured grease opo can make babies’ stools looser.

(二)、Nutrilon series

Balanced nutrition, natural growth

Optimize the intelligence -- help the development of brain, improve the level of intelligence
Optimize the vision - improve the function of the optic nerve, boost brain function
Optimize the absorption - promote nutrient absorption, enhance growth ability
Optimize the growth - supplement various nutrition, care for healthy growth


(三)、Gold Series

Golden formula, accessible luxury
Complete nutrition
Easy digestion and absorption
Pure goat milk in Guanzhong (the central Shaanxi plain)


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