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Create the first brand of infant intestines care formula milk powder!


Brand concept: provide high quality life for Chinese characteristic babies
Brand strategy: focus on personality; pursue excellent quality
Product positioning: infant high-end intestines care formula goat milk powder

“Tianfubaoer” goat milk, baby "intestines” out health!

100% imported milk, top-level sheep milk brand
Every baby is the mother’s gift that god grants, while “Tianfubaoer” is as the purest sweet dew given by us for each baby..

The sweet dew given by god

“Tianfubaoer” is the high-end sheep milk brand of Yubao goat milk group that is the leader of market in China baby sheep milk powder. “Tianfubaoer” has rich experience in production of maternal and child nutrition, selecting top-level goat milk source from Italy, backed up scientific research output of Yubao goat milk group to develop more careful for intestine and high quality infant formula powder goat milk powder for Chinese babies. We devote to create top brands in infant intestinal care formula milk powder.

As the professional manufacturer of maternal and infant nutrition, “Tianfubaoer” possesses leading research and development of production technology in the world, owing research and development team and nutrition research laboratory in the world and standard GMP level 100000 milk powder production line of make-up room. Through two years of research and development, in 2003, finally introduced domestic first intestinal care formula milk powder, which marked that new era is belonging to the domestic intestinal care formula milk powder.

Milk source part
“Tianfubaoer” is as the 100% imported goat milk source.

Blue sky, clear river, fresh air, clean water; rich rainfall, abundant sunny, fertile aquatic plant, away from pollution, natural grazing, all form the paradise for milk production of goat—Italy. and the top level goat milk source place selected by “Tianfubaoer”.

Milk source is tightly close to production base, sealed for vacuum transfer during the whole process to avoid human contact and cross infection, which ensures the quality safety of milk powder as possible. The whole process is performed precise, high standard, automatic production to guarantee each drop of milk powder can conform to the most stringent standards.

In April 4, 2014, the project of ten thousand tons of goat milk global template of Xi 'an Baiyue goat milk group is put into production, and Baiyue tried his best to integrate global sourcing to create Chinese milk “Tianfubaoer”. Milk powder of Baiyue goat milk group is sealed for vacuum transfer in the whole process, possesses the most advanced GEA Westfalia degerming segregating unit, Tetra direct ultra high temperature sterilization, rns, Switzerland Gericke dry wet system and other advanced equipment in the world.

Enterprise positioning: Baiyue goat milk group is the top domestic formula goat milk powder enterprise, and “Tianfubaoer” is as the top level brand, also as the small block on the top of pyramid concentrating all superior resources of the industry.

The factory of Baiyue is awarded the only goat milk enterprise in new product release meeting of domestic infant milk products of China Dairy Industry Association. Goat milk of “Tianfubaoer”, as the first high-end intestines care goat milk powder, has been key recommendation brand on association site. 


“Tianfubaoer”--high quality and distinguished enjoy
Goat milk has one thousand years to now, is one of the oldest dairy products, which dates from the earliest human civilization. Goat milk has the rich nutritive value, easy to digest and absorb, and it is thought the king of milk by the world. Occident prevails to drink goat milk, while the output of goat milk is low, and the price of it is high. The goat milk is only enjoyed by nobility in a long historical period. Therefore, goat milk applied to infant formula milk powder occupies an irreplaceable position for milk and other milk. “Tianfubaoer” devotes to bring each baby with this kind of noble and high quality goat milk powder.

8 advantages of Goat milk

1、Fat globules of goat milk is small, is smaller than 1/3 of milk, which is easy to absorb and not easy to get inflamed for baby.

2、Protein of goat milk is of higher quality. The content of α-S1 casein and β- lactoglobulin of goat milk is lower than that of milk, not causing irritability for baby. Based on incomplete statistics, in our country, 6% newborn belong to allergic constitution, and more than half of newborn belong to potential allergic constitution, while α-S1 casein and β- lactoglobulin of goat milk powder is taken as allergen by the world. The content of β- lactoglobulin of goat milk is lower than milk, and the order of the amino acid between them is different, so  β- lactoglobulin is easier to digest and absorb, not causing irritability. After authorized certification by global nutrition group, goat milk is a kind of safe and low allergy rate baby foods, baby of 80% of allergic constitution in developed country of occident select the goat milk.

3、Goat milk contains natural epithelial growth factor (milk has no), caring for intestine of the baby.

4、Goat milk contains cyclic nucleotide, important matter in brain cells.
5、Aliphatic chain of goat milk is short, and the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids is high, which makes the baby no puffiness and be stronger.