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Sheep----founder of global high-class sheep milk powder


Sheep Diary Industry is the high-class strategic brand belonging to the Xi’an Baiyue group, who focuses on the sheep milk products and its high-end market, striving to forge the first domestic brand of high-class sheep milk, pioneer in China and global leader. Using 100% foreign milk source of high quality, the company develops the high-class, foreign formula for babies,’era of sheep milk powder’. Inheriting the mission of ‘bringing the world’s best sheep milk powder to the Chinese babies’, Sheep wins the trust of Chinese parents with its concentration and profession. After years of accumulation, Sheep has already occupied the position of first brand of sheep milk powder in China. Sticking to the strict and most advanced international quality control system, Sheep defines the sheep milk powder industrial standards with noble qualification and writes the future of Chinese sheep milk powder industry with the future of Sheep Diary Industry.


Products Introduction:


P series--Double ‘P’ perfection formula with Probiotics and Prebiotics: prebiotics , probiotics, OPO, LF, DHA,AA are especially added to the formula to perfect intestine health, and to release the gifts and potential of the babies to pursuit excellence.

Intelligence perfect series----Intelligence perfection and immunity formula: Taurine, Xanthophyll,OPO, natural protective factors like epithelial cell growth factor are added, to care the health, intelligence development and eyesight growth of the babies.

N series----Natural nutrition formula: rich in SDF, CPP, vitamin B12, and all kinds of nutrition that a baby needs during growth, which can promote the intestinal movement so that the baby has a good appetite and defecate easily.
S series----special for pregnant women: rich in nutrition of mixed vegetable oils,DHA, taurine and inulin, which offer enough proteins for the pregnant women to be pregnant with healthy babies; helps the pregnant women to stay healthy and avoid puffiness and provides overall and balanced nutrition for the babies.

Grow-up series----Grow-up series of super immunity formula: high-class immunity key formula of OPO, double Bb-12, probiotics, prebiotics, CPP/DHA/AA, lactoferrin and natural immune factors, which help in better absorption and digestion to strengthen the babies’ health, and to care the health of babies’ immune system.



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