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Xi’an Youbeyoung Food Co.Ltd


It is subordinated to Xi’an Baiyue Goat Milk Group. Founded in 1985, Xi’an Baiyue Goat Milk Group focuses on production of goat milk products for a long time, whose factory is located in the middle of the Shanxi milk goat base, the ‘eight hundred-mile’ Qinchuan natural pasture, which is very suitable for goats grazing. Baiyue Goat Milk is a comprehensive corporation specializing in baby food developing, research, sale and service.

Youbeyoung---Golden Crown Series

The golden crown series powder is called Baiyue Youbeyoung Gold Crown series, which is classified as type1, type2 and type3. With human body-friendly formula, it is the secret of perfect absorption of Meru. Its superior material OPO is actually a kind of structural fat, in imitation of the structure of breast milk through the enzymatic transesterification technology so that the babies can digest and absorb more easily.There are also some other advantages of the Gold Crown Series;



1、1,3-Dioleoyl 2-palmitoyl triglyceride
2、Galactooligosaccharide; fructo-oligosaccharide
3、Arachidonic cid
4、Docosahexaenoic acid







Similarities and differences between OPO structural fan and breast milk fat structure; similarities and differences between structural grease and breast milk fat structure:

Fat&Breast milk fat

Similarities: capable of decreasing calcium soap to make the baby faeces soft and promote overall absorption of calcium and energy.

Grease&Breast milk fat structure

Differences: easy to form calcium soap which will lead to constipation, fret and obstacles in absorption of calcium and energy






Youbeyoung---the golden series

The golden crown series milk powder is called Baiyue Youbeyoung golden series, which is classified into type1,type2 and type


Nutrients elements in Youbeyoung Gold series goat milk powder:
1、Bifidobacterium bifidum-12
    Capable of increasing the baby’s own immunity and helping growth and reproduction of the probiotics such as bifidobacterium in the intestinal canal, improving the intestinal canal’s microenvironment, thus help to maintain the normal functions of the intestinal canal. Balanced allocation of nutrition prevents the problems of deviation nutrition absorption or excess nutrition of the babies.




The golden series milk powder is the best choice for babies:

Capable of improving the babies’ immunity generally, promoting the growth of beneficial bacterium in the intestinal canal to help the babies absorb nutrition better. Promotion of growth of beneficial bacterium in the intestinal canal also prevents growth of harmful bacterium in the intestinal canal. 

Babies who feed on food with nucleotide have far more NK cells(one of the immune cells) with stronger activity in the peripheral blood than the babies who do not.
Nucleotide can help to promote the immunoreaction and improve the antiviral ability of babies.