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Bai Yue Dairy Group
  Northern part of Xihuan Road,Wutun Street,Yanliang District,Xian City,Shanxi Province
  Xian Baiyue Goat Milk Group Co.,Ltd.is a group company which combines research and development,purchase,production and sale of goat milk.Founded in 1985,located in Wutun town,Yanliang district,Xian city,in the middle of Shanxi milk goat base,the company is next to Shanxi Guanzhong link and Xiyu highway,with good geography location and convenient transportation.
  Known as the First Ten-thousand-ton International Example Factory of Goat Milk Power in China by the industrial experts,it owns three branches:‘Yubao Goat Milk’Company Limited,which specializes in goat milk powder marketing in China,Shanxi Research and Development Center of Goat Milk Products,which specializes in goat milk industry first,Jiaoyang Animal Husbandry Company Limited,coordinating with two kinds of resources,domestic and oversea,with a total investment of 270 million yuan.
  While constructing the milk source base in‘eight hundred Qinchuan’,the company goes further abroad and enters the international market,signing contracts successively with five pastures,three goat milk processing plants in New Zealand,Europe following the principle of‘oriented production,oriented processing’,striving to grow as an internationally-known goat milk product enterprise to promote development of the whole industrial chain of the group.It guides and promotes the rapid development of goat milk industry in Guanzhong,and even in Shanxi,which has already become the featured industry as well as new economic growth point of Shanxi.
  In order to guarantee the quality of the goat milk products,the company starts from the source:strengthen the milk source base construction by equipping itself with the automatic milking facilities,cold chain storage and transportation equipment,whole-process monitoring equipment;introduce the specialists-recognized,first-class segregator of bacterium and spore bacterium in course of production to fully remove remains of bacterium in the product.By adopting MVR single-effect evaporator,the materials go through at a constant 60℃temperature and are processed at low temperature so that the nutrients in the goat milk will not be ruined and lost.The company cooperated with Tetrapak in Sweden to develop the ultra high temperature sterilization VTIS,in which the milk of 52%concentration is heated at ultra high temperature(UHT,143℃,0.33s)and flashly evaporated.Utilizing new processes such as static and dynamic fluidized beds,whirlwind powder spraying at low temperature and through multiple agglomeration,the product particles become uniform and easily dissolved.The whole production system is under control of five independent computer systems,including auto switch in the whole process,vacuum powder transportation,to avoid human contact and microorganism cross contamination to guarantee the product quality,which may improve and guarantee the product quality more effectively.
  An inspection center of 1500 square meters has been buited,equipped with many first-class inspection apparatus and equipments.This year,inspection equipments of risk indicators and nutrient elements,shcu as plasticizer and antibotics,are newly added to meet the national requirements of over ninety indicators relating to inspection capability.
  A perfect quality management system and a perfect quality security tracing system have been established.The whole system includes:product code assignment system,finished product incoming and outgoing system,consumer integrating system,store integrating system.The group ERP system includes warehousing system,production management system,financial system,delivery system,distributor management system,CC client consulting and calling system,OA office automatic system,BI decision analysis system,CRM client relationship management system.Thus the quality security guarantee system is formed,including production,research and development,inspection,tracing and management in the whole process,improving the quality and security of products of the goat milk products enterprise comprehensively.


Xian Baiyue Goat Milk Group
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Add:Northern part of Xihuan Road, Wutun Street, Yanliang District, Xian City, Shanxi Province